10 Tips For Making Moving Home Easy

Moving Home Made Easy

An Empty Home

Being a removals firm, we’ve seen it all. From those who have been completely packed up and ready to go 2 days before actually moving home, to those who are phoning around looking for a removals company on the day they’re actually moving.

Now how you prepare yourself for your big day doesn’t make it any harderor easier for us. To us, a removal will likely be much like the last one and very probably much like the ones next week and we’ll still get your things safely and professionally from A to B however, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you on moving day.

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1) Book your removal first.
When moving home, make sure this is the very first thing you do. There have been times when customers have been phoning around the night before their move date just to find companies fully booked up and unable to help. Trust me, this will save you a lot of grief.

2) Be accurate in your description.
When calling a removals company, it’s good practice to jot down everything you own – or at least the main bulk of it – onto a notepad before calling. Companies who have been offering these services for any length of time can get a mental image of your things and know what size of van to send.

Also – your quote is for the things you’ve listed when calling and although we don’t expect anyone to get it bang on 100%, in fact we’re quite flexible within reason, please do try to list the most of it at least.

Things to consider when moving home..
Do you have an attic, shed/garage or outbuilding? Garden furniture or kids play area? Items to be collected from another address on route?

These are the things we would prefer to know about beforehand.

3) Only use trusted professionals.
They say you get what you pay for, and it’s as true with moving companies as it is with any other part of life. If you think you’re getting a good deal from a guy with a van who’s £75 cheaper than anyone else, be very aware that there is every possibility that if a better job comes in, his phone will get switched off and you could be left waiting on a removal man who isn’t going to appear.

Without fail, we get phone calls every week from customers who have been left high and dry by somebody who didn’t turn up.

That’s not to say there isn’t very good man with a van or small removals firms out there – just be vigilant when choosing the right one.

4) Try to be prepared.
This really is easier than it sounds. By bagging loose items such as small toys and other loose things, you’ll actually shorten your removal as less time is spent ferrying smaller items to and from the van two at a time.

Drawers and wardrobes should be empty and clothing bagged or boxed. White goods such as dishwashers and washing machines will ideally be unplumbed however if you can’t, the guys will be happy to do it for you.

5) Big things first.
Larger items go into the van first so if you can, try to have bags, boxes, suitcases and other similar items in one place leaving a clear path for items such as sofas, chest of drawers, wardrobes, white goods, beds and similar to the front door. This will definitely save you time on the day.

6) Children & pets.
It’s always good practice to keep chidren and pets away from working areas. This is a common sense approach simply due to the type of business it is. Our guys are professionals but anybody can trip over a cat with a washing machine in their hands we would prefer just to avoid it altogether.

This may sound like common sense, but there have been times we’ve politely asked a customer to keep their children out of the back of the van. Bless their little cotton socks they only wanted to help, but still.

7) Access to you new property.
This is something that isn’t always available. Particularly if you’re buying your new property you’ll find that 95% of the time, keys typically change hands between 12PM and 1.30. This is due to solicitors crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Ideally we would arrive around 10AM, this gives the lads more than enough time to pack the van and be at your new property waiting for the doors to open.

Only once has the van had to wait till 4.30PM for keys to change hands, sometimes it’s been as early as 11AM, but not often. Council residents and private tenants usually already have access.

8) Picture, mirrors and bubble wrap.
Bubble wrap is wonderful stuff and can be bought from just about anywhere – Ebay probably being the cheapest and it’s delivered to your door.

Make sure mirrors, canvases, picture frames or paintings are suitably protected – mainly just for your peace of mind.

9) Boxes and how to pack them.
This might sound like common sense, but there have been times when a 2ft x 2ft box has been filled to the brim with books, files or LP records. Now a box can be filled with feathers or it can be filled with bricks – it’s lifting the thing that’s the problem.

Being so light on their own, it’s an easy thing to overlook how heavy things can be when stacked together so just be aware of how strong your boxes are and how much weight you think they’ll manage. Less is definitely more here.

10) Tea
A good rule of thumb is – always pack the kettle last.

The above points are there to make your life a little easier on the day and following these points will likely save you at least half your day. We’ve been offering removals and relocation services for a long time and know that you’ll be happier on the day with a well planned move.

If you’re moving home in the Forth Valley area then it’s something we can definitely help with. Click here  to go to our removals page.

Thank for reading – hope this helps.