The Trouble With Cheap Removals Quotes Online

The removals industry, like any other I suppose, has two obvious service types and today, I’ll explain the choppy waters of considering cheap removals quotes online as a way to go when organising your home or office removal. 

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The short answer is, if something sounds too good to be true, with utter certainty, it absolutely is – but if you’re the type who likes to know why, reading on can save you the headache and heartache of scrambling to find another removals firm at 8:30am on moving day when your movers don’t show up.

I’ll explain why this is more common than you might imagine later in the article but yes, this is common.

But before I get into the grit of it, here’s some things we’ve seen in the years we’ve been serving Falkirk due to the woes of accepting cheap removals quotes online.

  • House sales get complicated because removal men haven’t shown up on the day. This leaves the seller in breach of contract and then at the mercy of how considerate the buyers are – and if they’re able to find another firm to undertake their removal at short notice.
  • Customers end up paying two or three times a normal average quote because some removals companies take advantage of the situation and charge a premium. Funnily enough the only other industry I know that does this is the airlines industry.
  • Removals companies simply disappearing with a clients belongings – never to be heard of again.

These days, when relocating your home or business you really only have two options. You can choose between a realistic quote from a genuine removals firm, or an astoundingly low undercut offer from a Gumtree or Facebook company, or a cheap removals auction website.

Jargon aside, what you’re being offered is this when looking for a home or office removal…

  • A reliable premium service where you get exactly what you pay for…
  • Or an “on the cheap” service where, you get exactly what you pay for…

Firstly, I’d like to talk about Gumtree ads and Facebook pages offering removals services. Or any other services for that matter but as we’re a removals firm, we’ll reference to that.

The truth of the matter is, anyone relying on Gumtree or Facebook to advertise themselves is really throwing a red flag at you from the offset.

Although every genuine company has a Facebook page as well as a Twitter, Google+ and a LinkedIn account these days, a Social Media platform is only ever used as a supplement to a firm’s main website which is normally their primary source of contact and information.

This will display their physical address as well as their contact details – keeping transparency at the forefront at all times.

Traders who operate only from Gumtree or Facebook are basically happy keeping their anonymity and are usually uninsured to run any kind of business at all and if something goes wrong, there’s no comeback or consequence to any accidents or mishaps and this, is the inherent problem with cheap removals quotes.

It’s worth remembering that your contents and personal belongings will be travelling from A to B in the back of somebody’s vehicle. You should be comfortable with who is transporting your things.

That’s not to say there isn’t genuine lads out there on Gumtree or Facebook trying to make their start in the removals industry, but these days websites are so cheap and transparency is so vital that there really isn’t any excuse for not operating like everyone else.

Websites offering cheap removals quotes online.

I don’t really want to name by name any websites offering cheap removals quotes as, just like Gumtree and Facebook, they do have their genuine traders who are very good at what they do. The problem is that they’re also bursting at the seams with jacks of all traders/masters of none who are only out for easy weekend money.

How they operate is, a customer will post their job on the website, then website users will quote, then under quote each other, then under quote each other again till the quote is so low that nobody else wants the job.

It’s basically a reverse auction.

The problems come when an individual quotes so low, for multiple jobs, that he actually wins those jobs but then simply takes the most profitable route and pretty much discards the rest.

Or simply decides the quote was so low and the loss isn’t that great that he’s got better things to do than work for buttons that day…

It’s also not unheard of that quotes have been quadrupled on the day for any reason a driver can find to charge extra.

This leaves customers sitting on moving day – on moving men that have no intention of showing up or are looking for more upfront cash if they do.

Every weekend, almost without fail we get phone calls from distressed movers looking for a firm to do a last minute home removal. Sometimes we’re able to help but sometimes we don’t even have a van in the area so their search continues.

In this day and age you would think people are wise to scams and rogue traders but unfortunately not and the internet has a lot to do with that.

Of course it’s a wonderful thing to search Google, find what you’re looking for and hey presto, magic happens, but the cold hard truth of the matter is, in the old days it would cost a good couple of grand for a decent ad in the Yellow Pages but it’s all we had – and everyone used it. Traders were never done complaining about the cost of advertising in the Yellow Pages but in hindsight, it certainly did keep Jack the Lad and all his friends out of the loop.

Ahh, much simpler times – for everyone.

So, all in all it really just depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you only have a second hand sofa to move then yea maybe, but you’re worldly belongings and most personal possessions, then please do consider a reliable well established firm to handle your move for you. Even just for the reassurance that your things are safe and protected.

In the Falkirk area feel free to consider uMove. Anywhere else, due diligence at all times but please do stay away from cheap removals quotes and anyone who offers them. T’is true when they say pay peanuts, get monkeys.

All removals companies should at least adhere to BAR standards.

I hope this will help someone avoid the grief of having to find another company to move them within 20 minutes of a phone call. This industry, which we love and have been a part of for years, is sadly fraught with potholes. Do yourself a favour and get it right from the offset. You’ll thank yourself when you move into your new home glitch free.

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